Crafting recipes for the game Rust

Improving the Crafting System

The latest thread on the crafting system in Rust talks about improving the system with macros. Check out the thread with users talking about how it could be improved. Interesting to see a game being developed with the community side by side.

improving the crafting

Crafting System Basics tutorial video

making your wooden foundation
making your wooden foundation
crafting inventory ingame
crafting inventory ingame

how to craft in gameThis video tutorial was put together buy youtuber Xjsnowgaming and shows how easy it is to craft a house in Rust. Even though in early Alpha the game is coming along nicely and seems to lend itself to crafting as a heavy part of the gameplay.

A few tips for crafting your first house in rust,

  • wood piles have the most wood
  • materials are best found in camps
  • approx 60 wood to build a house foundation
  • can only craft 1 item at a time
  • to build your house you need to craft wooden pillars
  • blueprints can help you craft